Luiz "Q" Quintela

Agile + Lean Consulting and Training

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About Raskere

Consulting, Training and Coaching in Agile and Lean

Raskere LLC is an Agile + Lean Consulting and Training company by Luiz “Q” Quintela.

Q is known for his love of speed, cars, and planes and he is very fond of Scandinavia and raskere means faster in Norwegian. One of the many benefits of Agile is the speed of taking a product to the market, so raskere was very fitting.

Q adopted Scrum in early 2006 and I was personally trained by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the creator of Scrum and the inventor of Scrum@Scale and co-trained with him.

Q is the co-author of the first Scrum@Scale book,
Scaling Done Right and he is an international speaker on Agile and Software Engineering practices with years of experience in multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, banking, insurance, oil and gas, chemicals, government and, energy.

Q was a developer, architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Coach and Advisor in large companies. Q held positions of leadership including establishing and being responsible for the operation of an overseas subsidiary. Q led projects in virtualization, product development, Cloud, DevOps, and Scrum scaled, and he delivered cost effective and innovative solutions throughout his career.