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Business Agility Consulting

Our consultants wrote the book in scaling agile. We partner with your teams to develop a strategic approach that best fits your organization, and drives towards successful business outcomes.

We help you align governance and portfolio management with Agile processes and practices and manage the changes that come with Agile adoption.


Business Agility Consulting typically involves a variety of services aimed at helping organizations become more agile and adaptable. These services typically include:

  • Teaching, mentoring, and coaching leadership and teams

  • Organizational change management strategy

  • Policy and governance guidance

  • Organizational structural recommendations

  • Agile roles and HR

  • Agile methods of funding, budgeting, and finance

  • Agile scaling guidance

  • Portfolio Management 

  • Product Management

  • Objectives and Key Results advice and coaching

  • Facilitation of Road Maps and Release Planning

  • Portfolio Backlog management and prioritization

  • Multi-team planning and integration

  • Value stream mapping and improvement

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